Calgary Asbestos Abatement

Places Where Asbestos Are Probably Creeping

Asbestos are sometimes lurking in places that you think are safe.  You can secure your family’s health when you know the areas of your home that are contaminated with asbestos. You can just leave asbestos alone but when they start affecting your health, it’s time to call for Calgary asbestos abatement company.

Check these places where asbestos are probably hiding and start your Calgary asbestos removal project.

     1.      Stove Surrounds – Asbestos is heat resistant and non-flammable. Back then, it was a great choice for protecting furnaces and wood-burning stoves. If you’re going to update your stove system, get the help of Calgary asbestos abatement company in asbestos removal. Removing the fireproofing might trigger asbestos exposure and cause dangerous health hazards


    2.      Floor Coverings – Because asbestos is fireproof and act as an insulator, it’s commonly used in floor coverings. You can ask the help of professionals in identifying asbestos in your floor.  Or you can search for product markings or research the internet. Sometimes it’s better to left them alone but asking water damage repair companies is also a good idea.

     3.      Insulation – Asbestos are known as insulators. In the old days these materials are wrapped in asbestos-containing blankets. If you’re leaving in an old house, then removing or cutting pipes during repair might cause serious problem. When checking for plumbing problems, you can also employ Calgary asbestos abatement company for asbestos repair.

     4.      Wall Compounds – There are lots of commercial buildings that use sandpapers in removing wall coverings. In the past, it’s a practical choice to use asbestos because it prevents fire and has insulation properties. There’s no other way to reduce health hazards but doing Calgary asbestos removal. During the removal of asbestos, people are relocated to other place to avoid excessive asbestos exposure.

    5.      Decoration and Acoustics – Wall paintings and different ceiling decorations can affect your choice of renting or buying a home. But sometimes it’s good because underneath wallpapers lies asbestos fibers. It’s possible especially for houses built from 1970’s to 1980’s.

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You can start asbestos removal Calgary ( upon signs of health hazards. Don’t do it yourself, employ the help of professionals. Spending few dollars is nothing compared to having serious illness and paying expensive hospital bills.